How does Silva contribute to new normal life-style?

Covid-19, came to Earth with all his unkindness to humans and taught us a lot. We have seen that we can live with less consumption and we can do a lot of things without driving by #sustaining-from-home. Things we should have thought before. Coronavirus, is changing human life style, and pushes us forward to a #new-normal. Human beings must adapt to new conditions to survive. At this time, Silva’s creative ideas facilitates this adaption by opening cotas for #working-from-home and being more #sustainable through #home-made and #home-provided sources. All in all, Silva discovers the silent potential and convert it to sustainable #added-values through a sharing and circular economic platform.


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We Promote Sustainable Lifestyle

  • Discover the hidden silent value
  • Increase carbon fixation and Protect ecosystem balance
  • Sustainable Development
  • Reduce greenhouse gas
  • New circular-economic-driven agriculture paradigm
  • Inline with UN sustainability goals
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Photo, Location, Products, Skills, Sustainable rates in products, Save time, easy track, Find food dating, Automatic notification for cuisine.


Decrease pollution, Increase Green, Culture sharing, Home made


Make money, Find Silent Value, Motivation to environmental care


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Online Sharing Platform

Sharing based on circular and sharing economy considering sustainability.

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Sustainable Currency

Vivo credit

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Food Dating

Taste homemade food, share culture

About Silva

Digitization and decentralization are the fundamentals of SILVA solution; where the goal is decarbonization. People can share their home-made products/services (P/S) which seem trivial. There is no limit on the kind of shared P/S this feature distinguishes SILVA from state-of-the-art sharing economy solutions. Along with discovering the silent-values of trivial P/S and promoting them to added-values (i.e. circular economy goals), our innovation is in considering the sustainability of each transaction and rate the P/S and the associated provider and consumer according to their environmental and social impact. SILVA introduces a new pricing mechanism that represents P/S sustainability from a holistic view, i.e. economic stability, social impact, and environment-friendliness, under a value which is called Vivo-value. Vivo is an innovative digital currency financed by added-value and associated sustainability level. Each participant receives a Vivo-score which indicates their level of contribution to sustainability goals. SILVA platform matches the UN sustainable development goals.