How does Silva contribute to new normal life-style?

Covid-19, came to Earth with all his unkindness to humans and taught us a lot. We have seen that we can live with less consumption and we can do a lot of things without driving by #sustaining-from-home. Things we should have thought before. Coronavirus, is changing human life style, and pushes us forward to a #new-normal. Human beings must adapt to new conditions to survive. At this time, Silva’s creative ideas facilitates this adaption by opening cotas for #working-from-home and being more #sustainable through #home-made and #home-provided sources. All in all, Silva discovers the silent potential and convert it to sustainable #added-values through a sharing and circular economic platform.


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  • Sustainability Profile/Score/Rank

    Definition and algorithm of sustainability score for seller, buyer and product.

  • VIVO Credit

    Digital credit that is produced with the support of sustainability.

  • Automatic Fashion Guide

    A tool on the site that allows the buyer to have better fashion choices.

  • TV/Ad/Live Shop

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Online Sharing Platform

Sharing based on circular and sharing economy considering sustainability.

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Sustainable Currency

Vivo credit

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P2P Sustainable Impact Matters!

About Silva

For home/hand made fashion lovers who care about sustainability, have difficulty in finding each other in the market and should pay for expensive products, SILVA is a place that gives access to these unique and authentic products with value deal prices. We aim at empowering home/hand made businesses by elevating them to responsible businesses with transparent and trackable supply chains which produce sustainable value deal products by optimizing their production line. Unlike other home/handmade marketplaces, SILVA redefines sustainability and boosts it three fold by putting environmental friendliness, as well as social and economic impact together.


We develop a platform beyond an online marketplace to help home/hand made fashion lovers connect, empower, share experience/knowledge, collaborate as well as buy and sell while they are aware of the sustainability impact of their activities and have an opportunity to promote their impact through SILVA as a sustainability Hub. In SILVA, everyone has a sustainability profile that records the sustainability of their activities on the platform. Moreover, we associate a dynamic sustainability score to each person and product employing key, tangible, and easy to measure indicators which consider all accessible aspects of sustainability.


Having more than 10 years of experience in distributed systems, we believe that Peer-to-Peer is the future of every system including the human communities. Hence, SILVA relies on a Peer-to-Peer model derived from the society which contributed to local development with world-class effect in a bottom-up approach by standing on the shoulders of skillful, talented, and creative people. We belong to everyone; people from different cultures and ethnicities with different tastes. In SILVA, everyone can start their own home and local business with little investment and make it visible all over the world through the Internet. SILVA promotes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.